Daimon Double Junmai Daiginjo $200 (UP $285)

Daimon Double Junmai Daiginjo $200 (UP $285)


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2 of the top sake labels from the Daimon Brewery in Osaka!

Put together at a special price, to welcome 2022. 

The Daimon 35 uses the best Yamada Nishiki rice from Hyogo, polished down to 35% for a truly elegant, smooth and luxurious experience.

The Daimon Omachi takes the most traditional sake rice, Omachi, polished down to 40% and celebrates its complexity and subtle sweetness with absolute refinement.

Usual Price - $285 for a pair of 720ml each.

NOW - $200 for a 720ml pair. Free Delivery (Singapore main island & Sentosa only)