Kikuzakari 'Hasseiso' Daiginjo - Aged 8 Years


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Very special bottling. Only in the years that the brewery's Daiginjo earns the Gold medal, they take 100L of that batch for aging. If they don't win that year, they don't produce any Hasseiso. This is the prize winning 2009 brew. - Limited Quantities Available

The flavour is deep with lots of umami. Mushrooms, earth and even some coffee-like notes present themselves in the flavour journey. Great cold, equally amazing when warmed.

Grade : Daiginjo (Koshu - Aged 8 years)

Rice Variety : Yamada Nishiki

Polishing Ratio : 39%

SMV : +4.5

ABV : 17%

Size : 720ml

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