Koedo Kagamiyama from Saitama

Founded in Shintomi-cho, Kawagoe City in 1875, Kagamiyama Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. has been loved by many people for its local sake in Kawagoe. Unfortunately, in September 2000 the brewery was regretfully shut down. 

Against the backdrop of the enthusiastic voices of the locals, the Koedo Kagamiyama Sake Brewery was revived in February 2007 to produce the famous sake of Kagamiyama, and to further its quality. The birth of a new sake brewery is unusual, and was a sensationally a national event!

No compromise is allowed in the sake brewing of Kagamiyama with brewers willing to thoroughly manage the brewing of sake 24 hours a day; as if they were raising their own children. Koedo Kagamiyama Sake Brewery has inherited the tradition of the historic sake "Kyokayama" and brew it with the spirit of the old and new, pursuing the taste that matches the times. The history and traditions of Kagamiyama have been passed down, and the spirit of the makers, high-quality sake rice, yeast, and sake lovers continue to be upheld.