Tenmei Shoka no Nama Seme Blend (900ml / 1800ml)

Tenmei Shoka no Nama Seme Blend (900ml / 1800ml)

Shukuu Selections

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While some of the other Tenmai labels celebrate the blending of yeast, this bottle combines 3 different varieties of rice into the production of the sake.  No easy feat as the brewers now have to control 3 different fermentation sensitivities and characteristics.

Their efforts are a presented here in a complex, yet clean sake with a semi-dry finish.


Grade : Junmai

Rice Variety : Yume no Ka, Kame no O, Akaiwa Omachi

Polishing Ratio : 65%

SMV : +3

ABV : 16.47%

Size : 900ml / 1800ml


A Shukuu Selections exclusive in collaboration with Mr Otaru