TAKAJI by Juhachi Zakari Shuzo

Juhachi Zakari Shuzo is located in Kojima, Kurashiki City.
For over 230 years we have been making sake that compliments the local cuisine of the Seto Inland Sea.

We constantly strive to create sake that has a good harmony with various different styles of cuisine. We do this by aiming for a good balance between a gentle fragrance, a rich flavour that utilises the umami from the rice and a crisp finish that you will not tire of drinking.

Named after our 5th generation president, Ishiai Takaji,
this sake inherits his ethos of always challenging himself to produce new and innovative sake.

Made from only locally cultivated Okayama rice and using fresh clear water from the nearby Takahashi river, the Takaji series is fastidiously brewed to the highest standard.

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