Dadyu Roman Junmai Ginjo Ni-kai Hiire

Dadyu Roman Junmai Ginjo Ni-kai Hiire

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The only sake in the Roman line that is heated twice. Brewed using Fukushima developed  "Ukushima Yeast", it has resulted in a sake that has a gentle and sweet aroma despite the rich and spicy ending.

This sake is made through a unique blend of 3 varieties of rice, one of which is very rarely used in sake making; mochi rice. Try a bottle for an exceptional experience.


Grade : Junmai Ginjo

Rice Variety : Gohyakumangoku / Yume no Ka / Himenomochi

Polishing Ratio : 60%


ABV : 15%

Size : 720ml / 1800ml


A Shukuu Selections exclusive in collaboration with Mr Otaru