FUSION 2022 - Raifuku x Fermier 'Vanilla Beans' 720ml

FUSION 2022 - Raifuku x Fermier 'Vanilla Beans' 720ml

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A micro-winery located in Niigata Prefecture, FERMIER sent wine barrels used to mature Cabernet Mitos red wines to RAIFUKU SHUZO, which brews the famous sake "RAIFUKU" in Ibaraki Prefecture. The wine barrels were filled with Junmai Ginjo (62% polished Dewasansan rice) sake, which was then left to mature at low temperatures for 420 days. The sake develops a pale yellow colour from the wine barrel, as well as a rich aroma due to the long-term exposure to the barrel.

On the whole, and the sake has a sweet and fascinating aroma like vanilla beans. You can feel round and smooth umami and sweetness. The mild acidity wraps the umami and disappears mellowly without feeling the heaviness. It goes great with cheese-based dishes such as bacon potato salad and cream gratin, and meat dishes such as roast beef.

Limited production of 300 bottles worldwide, released 5 April 2022.

tl;dr - Sake is aged in ex-wine barrels, picking up the aroma and finish similar to wine.


720ml / 16.5%abv