FUSION 2022 - Tenpoichi x Cave d'Occi 'Overlap' 720ml

FUSION 2022 - Tenpoichi x Cave d'Occi 'Overlap' 720ml

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A micro-winery located in Niigata Prefecture, Cave d'Occi sent wine barrels used to mature Cabernet Sauvignon red wines to Tenpoichi in Hiroshima Prefecture. The wine barrels were filled with Junmai Ginjo (55% polished Yamada Nishiki rice) sake, which was then left to mature for 120 days. The sake has picked up a gorgeous golden tint from the wine barrel.

The barrel has imparted raisin like aromas and notes to the sake, while the original flavour of the sake is still very intact - giving the impression of Overlap

An elegant sweetness spreads in the mouth. The mild flavour reminiscent of dried fruits and sake spreads throughout your mouth, and the aroma derived from the barrel slowly disappears as it comes up to the nose. It gives you the impression of a high-quality rum. For meat, it goes well with sautéed pork rather than beef. It also goes well with dishes that are a little acidic such as mascarpone and apple compote.

Limited production of 288 bottles worldwide, released 1 May 2022.

tl;dr - Sake is aged in ex-wine barrels, picking up the aroma and finish similar to wine.


720ml / 16%abv