Kikuzakari Shiboritate Nama Honjozo


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'Fresh Pressed' and unpasteurised, this sake is lively with great aroma and a fruity body. Slightly syrupy in mouthfeel, it goes down really smooth despite the strong alcohol kick. Immediately on the nose are notes of peach and Nagano apple with a super smooth body without every being too sweet.

This is a seasonal limited product, subject to availability. (December to February)

Grade : Nama Honjozo (Unpasteurised)

Rice Variety : Hitogokoti / Todoroki

Polishing Ratio : 65%

SMV : +1

ABV : 19%

Size : 720ml / 1800ml

*This sake is 'Nama' (non-pasteurised) please keep it in the fridge or wine chiller until you are ready to drink. Kampai!