Shikisakura Kibuna Tokubetsu Honjozo (COVID19 Relief)


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Utsunomiya folklore rings that in ancient times an epidemic spread through the land and it was cured when a farmer caught a yellow carp and gave it to his family. The yellow carp has grown to be an icon of Utsunomiya* and a symbol of health and healing from disease. Toys, figures and drawings the this yellow carp, often depicted with large bulging eyes can be spotted all over the town.

Utsunomiya Shuzo has long had a sake, named 'Kibuna', associated with this yellow carp, and for the season will dedicate a portion of sales proceeds from this label to help the community recover from COVID-19 pandemic.

A light, flavourful and slightly dry Tokubetsu Honjozo that features Gohyakumonguko polished down to 60%, it captures the beautiful sweetness of the rice with a touch of koji aftertaste. A medium-long finish makes this a wonderful sipping sake to begin the evening, and a perfect accompaniment for starters.

Also an excellent candidate for warm sake, gently heated up, it gains a profound smoothness & elegance with a slight intensity to the flavour. Extremely enjoyable!

On our end, we're making this really affordable too, so that we can do out part to help Utsunomiya get back to its feet. Gambatte!


Grade : Tokubetsu Honjozo (Special Honjozo)

Rice Variety : Gohyakumangoku

Polishing Ratio : 60%

ABV : 15%

Size : 720ml