Shiokawa Surf & Turf Junmai Ginjo Bundle $120 (UP$150)

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Other than the obvious sushi and sashimi, the question we often get asked is, what food pairs well with sake?

Here we have the answer! With this Shiokawa pair, you have 2 excellent bottles of premium sake from Niigata, both brewed with a particular pairing in mind.

The Fisherman Sokujo is light, clear & sweet; a perfect pairing for the sweetness and slight salinity of fresh seafood. Slightly lower alcohol level too, easier to start the meal with.

On the other-hand the Cowboy Yamahai is bold, with a strong flavour and umami, great for tearing into a juicy steak.

A perfect pair for a perfect meal!

Bundle includes 1 bottle each in 720ml.