Taiten Shiragiku Sakagura Pictogrum Junmai

Taiten Shiragiku

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From our good friends, and the very cool people at Taiten Shiragiku, this is a brand new release for this end of 2021!

The Sakagura Pictogrum is a junmai that balances the inherent sweetness and umami of rice in perfect harmony. A soft gentle acid tightens the whole experience together for a solid structure and taste.

The label is also designed to show the full process of sake making - from the planting and harvesting of rice and the milling, all through to the pressing and bottling - and finally the Kampai! All wrapped up in an easy to consume 500ml bottle.


Grade : Junmai

SMV : +/- 0

Polishing Ratio : 70%

ABV : 15%

Size : 500ml