Toroman Junmai Ginjo Ikkai Hiire (1800ml)

Toroman Junmai Ginjo Ikkai Hiire (1800ml)

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Toroman has been left to slowly aged in Hanaizumi warehouse until the autumn season. It has a rich yet deep, sweet and fruity aroma, mellow flavours that reminds you of the red autumn leaves.

Like much of the Hanaizumi line, this sake features a rarely used rice as a part of the production; mochi rice. Quite an exceptional experience!


Grade : Junmai Ginjo

Rice Variety : Gohyakumangoku / Yume no Ka / Himenomochi

Polishing Ratio : 50%


ABV : 15%

Size : 1800ml


A Shukuu Selections exclusive in collaboration with Mr Otaru