Biroku 'Spring' Tokubetsu Junmai - Limited Seasonal Sake

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The ``Biroku'' series is a sake created through the lineage of the Nanbu build of sake brewers. The exquisite taste that can only be found at different times of the year, making you realize that it is truly just as the old saying goes, 'Sake is the blessings of heaven.'

While a refreshing fruity aroma greets you, the sake is characterized by a refreshing acidity and a sharp aftertaste. The taste begins with a refreshing sweetness, and the flavor expands as it goes well with the meal. A masterpiece where you can enjoy the fresh taste of new sake and the powerful taste of unprocessed sake.

Sake is Nama Genshu, unpasteurised & undiluted, super fresh from the brewery. It is also uniquely an 'origarami' sake; some sediment is deliberately left in the bottle for additional texture and depth of flavour.

Limited Quanitites

[Suggestions for drinking]
Chilled (around 12℃)

Rice polishing ratio: 55%
Alcohol content: 17%
SMV: +2
Raw material rice: 100% Yamada Nishiki from Hyogo Prefecture
Yeast: Not disclosed