Shikisakura Junmai Daiginjo Imai Shohei - (Karakuchi/Dry)

Mr Otaru

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Light, dry & clean tasting with a gentle ginjo aroma, the sake is incredibly smooth and very easy to drink. Not everyday that you find a Junmai Daiginjo that's brewed 'karakuchi' for that dry mouth-feel.

Light notes of mint & melon with a refreshing brightness, and short dry finish. This is sake for you if you don't like it sweet. Also enjoyable served warm.

An IWC Bronze medal winner, and great value to boot!


Grade : Junmai Daiginjo

SMV : +4

Rice Variety : Gohyakumangoku

Polishing Ratio : 50%

ABV : 18%

Size : 720ml