Shikisakura Manyohijiri Daiginjo 35%

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The brewery's flagship expression, the Shikisakura Manyohijiri Daiginjo uses only the center of Hyogo's Yamada Nishiki rice, polished in-house to 35%, for the purest flavour and texture.

A faint and light sweetness with a subtle floral aroma belies the elegance that follows; with hints of melon, mint and a dry refreshing finish. Not too often also, do we find a Daiginjo grade sake, brewed 'Karakuchi' / Dry. Best served just a little under room temperature, ~20ºC.

A testament to the sake's outstanding quality, the Shikisakura Manyohijiri Daiginjo is proudly served in JAL's First Class on International flights.

2017 International Wine Challenge Gold Medal


Grade : Daiginjo

SMV : +5

Rice Variety : 100% Hyogo Yamada Nishiki

Polishing Ratio : 35%

ABV : 16%

Size : 720ml