Taiten Shiragiku Daiginjo Tobindori Shizuku Daiginjo Sake 720ml

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GOLD - 2022 Japan Sake Awards

The finest product from the Taiten Shiragiku brewery, a very limited number of bottles of the Tobindori Shizuku are produced per year. Masterfully crafted, the sake is made with the annual Japan National Sake Competition in mind; no corners are cut in making this bottle of Japanese sake. 

The brewery makes just 1 tank of this Daiginjo, from which, just 54L are designated for the competition in green bottles. The rest of the tank is bottled into these blue bottles.

Utilising the best Okayama Yamada Nishiki, milled down to 32% percent, the sake is also filtered using the insanely laborious 'shizuku' or gravity method; individual bags are filled and the liquid is allowed the drip out without any additional agitation. This method results in the smoothest and most luxurious Japanese sake in the industry.

The sake is elegant, incredibly smooth, yet with flavour, never too far away from the Okayama style. You will love this if you like smooth and dry. Will pair well with white fish and light meats; savoury broths.

Limited Quantities Available; packaged in a presentation box. Ideal for gifts and times when you need to make that special impression.


Grade : Daiginjo

Rice Variety : Yamada Nishiki

Polishing Ratio : 32%

ABV : 17%

Size : 720ml