Taiten Shiragiku Junmai Ginjo 55 Omachi 1800ml

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1800ml 'Isshobin' Large Bottle

Annual Japan Sake Awards GOLD - 2015, 2016, 2017,2018,2021

Fruity, juicy at the beginning, then quickly into a complex, earthy and dry finish. A most excellent sake that can take your senses on a journey!

This Junmai Ginjo is a celebration of locally grown Omachi, bottled 'genshu' (undiluted) for the full flavour experience.

A special bottle from a brewery in Okayama that's developing a little bit of a cult status around the globe.

Drink this chilled, goes great with hon maguro tuna, uni, grilled meat, sausages, pastas and heavier fare.

*New label design for 2021 too!* 


Grade : Junmai Ginjo

Rice Variety : Okayama Omachi

Polishing Ratio : 55%

SMV : +3.5

ABV : 16%

Size : 1800ml