Taiten Shiragiku Kimoto Junmai Omachinanaju

Taiten Shiragiku Kimoto Junmai Omachinanaju

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Annual Japan Sake Awards GOLD - 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2021

Made using the Kimoto method, the original and most traditional way of making sake, this junmai-shu is painstakingly and laboriously toiled over at the start, where the brewery workers manually ram poles into the rice mixture for hours on end. Most breweries have stopped using this method as new technology has made this unnecessary.

However, the kimoto method still produces sake with a unique flavour that is captured perfectly by Taiten Shiragiku in this brew.

Expect a deep & strong flavour with loads of acidity and a wild gamey body. This sake is best at room temperature or warmed.

Excellent pairing for savouries like cheese, chorizo and prosciutto.


Grade : Junmai

Rice Variety : Omachi

Polishing Ratio : 70%

SMV : +4

ABV : 17%

Size : 720ml