Taiten Shiragiku Triple Junmai Ginjo Set

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We're so glad to be able to present this to you, from one of our favourite breweries!

A 3 bottle set from Taiten Shiragiku, all Junmai Ginjo, all polished down to 55%, the only difference being the type of rice used. Each bottle celebrates a varietal of sake rice proudly grown in Okayama!

Taste all 3 in a beautiful horizontal flight, the perfect chance to taste the individual nuances of rice, and pick out your favourites. 

As with the brewery's style, all 3 are aromatic, medium-dry and full flavoured.

Yamada Nishiki (Green) - fragrant, subtle sweetness
Asahi (Cream) - focused, short sharp finish
Omachi (Orange) - complex, herbacious