Takizawa Junmai Ginjo


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A strong cereal nose opens up into notes of truffles and a light touch of ginger at the tail end. Full bodied, rich with a smooth finish. Great with strong flavoured food. 

*2016 Gold Medal at the Los Angeles Interntional Wine Competition. (91pts)


Working closely with the rice farmers in the development of Hitogokoti rice, the brewery is able to draw a much purer and higher grade sake while keeping the polishing ratio low. Hence, being able to provide a truly high quality Junmai Ginjo at without an excessive price point.


Grade : Junmai Ginjo

Rice Variety : Hitogokoti

Polishing Ratio : 55%

SMV : +/- 0

ABV : 16%

Size : 720ml / 1800ml


What am I drinking?

Junmai Daiginjo = rice grain has been polished down to a minimum of 50% before brewing. General rule of thumb, the lower the percentage, the purer the flavor, and the more expensive the product. This sake is made utilising only rice, yeast and water for a pure flavour.

You have here, among the top 6% of all sake that is produced in Japan annually.